Looking to beat the summer heat and keep your car’s ac running at its best?  We are happy to share that we have just added the modern auto A/C refrigerant R-1234yf recharge service to our Granbury auto repair facility. We understand the importance of staying cool and comfortable during those scorching summer months, and that’s why we offer a comprehensive and reliable solution to keep your car’s AC system in optimal condition. With our team of skilled technicians and state-of-the-art equipment, we are equipped to handle all your AC recharge needs.

Many new vehicles come equipped with R-1234YF refrigerant, which is more eco-friendly than its predecessor, R-134a. We are Granbury’s only repair shop offering R-1234YF refrigerant refill, as it requires special tools and training. We also offer the R-134a refill service, so no matter the refrigerant used in your car, it can receive the air conditioning recharge it needs.

When you are questioning if your car demands modern refrigerant, you can find the response in the owner’s manual accompanying your car. The new refrigerant has many labels, which we have provided a list of below. The typical form to seek is the presence of “1234” in the name. The following is a list of the various designations that could appear in the owner’s manual – all of which are referring to the new refrigerant:

Below are the various forms of the same 1234-YF code string:

– HFO-1234-YF
– HFO1234YF
– HFO-1234
– R1234
– R-1234-YF
– R1234YF
– YF-1234
– YF1234

At Granbury’s Auto AC & More in Granbury, we provide a broad selection of auto air conditioning services and repairs. If your car’s ac is either not working or blowing warm air, our team of ASE-certified experts is here to assist. Our technicians are equipped to detect and mend any trouble your vehicle’s ac system may be facing – be it a deficiency of refrigerant, blower motor issues, ac compressor issues, ambient temperature sensor failure, ac evaporator substitution – whatever it is, we will take care of it.

Bring your car to our Granbury garage if it needs R1234YF service or any other repair. You will be welcomed with a warm smile and our facility is neat and modern.

We provide:

  • Convenient shuttle service available in the area
  • Mechanics certified by the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence to work on your car
  • A 36-month/36,000-mile warranty
  • Obtain free digital vehicle inspection when you get service or repairs
  • Most services are completed on the same day

At our auto repair shop in Granbury, we provide more than just air conditioning service for cars. We specialize in keeping all makes and models in good shape. Our technicians are here to make sure your car is always functioning and ready to go. Contact us!


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