When the customer first brought us this 1966 Cobra replica 460 big block 4 speed It was in need of a resurrection… We took this car from “barely functional” to “downright fun” to drive. We diagnosed ignition issues, carburation issues, oil leaks and also noted it needed brake lines, front brakes and more. In the process of correcting these issues we also added some clever heat shielding, changed to single wire alternator, made numerous wiring upgrades and more.

Many happy miles later, it is back for a new clutch, Imagine that a 460 Big Block using up a clutch….

Pure violence in beautiful flames…
32,000 miles, one owner car! (32K is a bunch in something like this, not bad to only have to replace the clutch once in 32k…)

Who are you going to take your big block Cobra Replica too when the clutch goes out? Granbury Auto AC and more, of course! This is not your typical clutch, not your typical car and you can’t trust this kind of project to just anyone. Because of the nature of this car, you can’t just order parts, first you have to figure out where the parts were sourced. So the transmission had to be removed just to determine what parts to order, once this was complete. We had to partially re-assemble the car while the customer sourced the replacement parts, fun!