Rare 1984 Pontiac Fiero 2.5l gets a makeover at Granbury Auto AC

It is hard to believe that 1984 was so long ago, seems like yesterday. This 1984 Pontiac Fiero 2.5 is ultra nice, restored and tastefully modded by the President of the North Texas Fiero Owners organization. While we had it, we did several small projects and a total AC restoration. Everything was prodded, pinched, adjusted, [...]

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Classic Car Air Conditioning Project – 1970 Chevelle SS Big block 4 Speed

1970 Chevelle SS Big block 4 Speed numbers matching beautifully restored. We took the car in to restore the AC. In the process of doing the AC work we corrected some leaks. Did a major major restoration of all the under-dash (hidden) HVAC components and a complete replacement of all vacuum components (some of which [...]

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Big Block 1966 Cobra Replica gets a new clutch and more

When the customer first brought us this 1966 Cobra replica 460 big block 4 speed It was in need of a resurrection... We took this car from "barely functional" to "downright fun" to drive. We diagnosed ignition issues, carburation issues, oil leaks and also noted it needed brake lines, front brakes and more. In the [...]

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2004 Mazda Speed Miata 1.8l turbo

2004 Mazda Miata rebuilt at Granbury Auto AC and More. Longtime customer was looking for help to make his nice used Mazda Speed Miata (MSM) work better and go faster. The car had an active overheat issue that had been miss-diagnosed by the previous owner's mechanic as a thermostat issue. After we looked the car [...]

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